Virtualize your legacy DIGITAL/Compaq/HP hardware!

IDEA is here to help you with migrations of your legacy DIGITAL systems and infrastructure. We've been DIGITAL partners since '91, and we have highly qualified and DEC/CPQ/HP certified specialists that are ready not only to virtualize your infrastructure, but also to assist you with a long-time maintenance and support.

Due to unique STROMASYS technology of CHARON-VAX and CHARON-AXP, you can get following benefits:

  • CHARON will boost performance of your ancient systems -- it was developed by former DIGITAL engineers, thus it is highly optimized, especially for a modern hardware. The virtualized VAX or Alpha will be fast at least as the real hardware or more. You can run almost all models of VAX and Alpha which had been ever introduced -- including the most powerful GS-series systems!
  • CHARON allows you to preserve your existing applications and IT processes completely untouched. You can use exactly the same environment as you had before migration. And what's more, in many situations, you won't have to reinstall the system! If you're running SAN, the migration will be as smooth, as re-plugging the fibre cable to another box.
  • Once you decide to implement CHARON-based solution, it's one-time investment -- you don't have to spend a lot of time and money by modifiing application itself and training your staff to use tools, systems, and applications they've zero practise with.
  • CHARON virtualization products allows you to migrate with almost zero downtime!
  • We support VMware virtualization, so you can run your VAXes and Alphas inside vSphere cluster and benefit from all the modern features as vMotion, device pass-through, virtual networking, you can run unified backup solutions and many other things.
  • IDEA can help you with licensing stuff -- we will be happy to help you with license transfer of you existing licenses to CHARON!
  • IDEA is familiar with OpenVMS as well as with Tru64 UNIX (aka DIGITAL UNIX, aka OSF/1), so it does not matter which operating system you have.
  • Even if you have a specialized hardware, don't panic -- in many cases, it is possible to make a CHARON module that emulates/communicates with such a device.
  • CHARON products are available for Windows as well as for Linux, so you can use your existing Windows licenses or choose Linux for better flexibility and environment stability.
  • IDEA is ready to supply not only the software, but also the hardware. We can completely rebuild and modernize infrastructure and move the old stuff into your brand new environment.

In the case you run a PDP-11 or LSI-11 system, there might be a solution for you too! CHARON-PDP product can virtualize at least standard RSX-11M and RT-11 based deployments. Since PDPs are used mainly in production control, everything depends on your configuration and interfaces to a third-party industrial hardware.

Existing or designate Integrity customer? No problem!

Have you already migrated from your VAX/Alpha applications to Integrity? Are you fed-up because of RedHat and Oracle who stopped all the development for IA64/VMS? CHARON is back in the game again!

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